Allah Divine

Losing his only means of support after the death of his mother led the rap artist, Divine, straight to a homeless shelter. The place were he pondered the words of his late mother and began to believe and live by them. Guided by her words, “you can do anything in life,” the soon to be rap star steps to the scene with a sound filled with knowledge and wisdom. All of which he demonstrated in his first release, For The Mother In You, back in 1995.

Divine has performed with the likes of Shyheim-The Rugged Child, Helltah Skeltah, Smif-N-Wessun, Black Moon and Wu-Tang Clan. Divine hosted a program called Hip Hop Count Down on WRTC FM in Hartford, Connecticut.

Divine describes his addition to the rap world as a style that is of a simple rhyme and beat that the young and old are yearning for and will ultimately identify with. He believes that rap is an art that requires the artist to maintain the ultimate confidence and to stand by their product.